Colouring pages for adults: free download and print

Colouring pages antistress

Art therapy is nowadays used widely by different associations including Russian art therapeutic association and Moscow art therapy centre. Colouring pages as a branch of art therapy are highly popular. Such pages for children were printed back in the Soviet Union, and there were few who wasn’t glad to colour birds or crockery. The main publisher for colouring pages was the publishing house “Malysh”. Today a great many different colouring pages for children and adults are published. Also, many teachers and social scientists use this kind of therapy and write books about it, e.g. Gregg M. Furth’s A secret world of drawing, or L.D. Lebedeva’s The art therapy practice.

The therapy by colouring grows more and more popular not only in Russia, but throughout the world. And it’s no surprise when it’s happening with a treatment which became an art.

Anti-stress colouring pages: a psychologist’s view

Many of us know of connections between a person’s psychological state and the colours he or she chooses in the certain period of time. Dr. Max Lüscher, the author of Lüscher colour test, developed a methodology which is used successfully by psychologists and psychiatrists. Colour preferences are studied by many scientists, though at first glance there seems little connection between serious scientific researches and simple anti-stress colouring pages.