What is Doodling?

Doodling is a drawing technique for amateurs. For those who haven’t learn how to draw but who want to master this style or just love the process of creation. Our stage-by-stage lessons are aimed to show how a complicated figure may be made of simple lines for those who think they don’t possess a designer thinking. Doodling is an easy drawing technique that helps an amateur make beautiful pictures just as professional artists do.

How to draw Doodle pictures?

Here you can find a step-by-step illustrated guide for those who want to start drawing Doodles. Doodle pictures are based on repeatable patterns and ornaments which intertwine in an abstract pattern or in a certain image. You can colour ready-made pictures with such ornaments or make your own pictures. If making abstract doodlings, you start from any place on the page, without any specific idea. At the author’s will, a picture grows randomly from a small silhouette.

Doodling and Doodle lessons

It is not just a pleasant time-spending, but also an individual graphic style perfected with time. That is why not every professional artist can make a beautiful doodle on the first try. And even a school child who has been practicing doodling for long time can teach a professional artist first trying the style a thing or two. It is because there are lots of secrets and details which come only with experience.

Doodling is an easy means to make an original card, an ornament to a Christmas tree, or to decorate a gift box even for those who can’t draw at all.

Moreover, you will definitely learn to draw in the process of drawing, as practice is the best teacher for an artist. Every new drawing will bring you closer to your own drawing technique.

3 ways to draw a "doodle":

First way: an abstract illustration

It is made step-by-step without any general idea or a previous sketch. As an option, you can start from the centre of the sheet. A pattern appears gradually in the process of drawing. If it is symmetrical, the drawing will remind a mandala or a flower.

Second way: filling in sectors

A printed-out contour sketch shall be taken as the basis, divided in sectors which are then filled in with different patterns one by one. The contour lines here shall be made thinker than those of the pattern, so that the image won’t be flat or blurred.

Third way: starting from blank sheet

It is not necessary to be a professional artist. This way implies that you’ve previously made a pencil sketch of your future picture. Thus, if you’re drawing a tree or a flower, it’s better to draw a general contour line at first, and then proceed with finer details and ornaments.